Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 1, 2011

HT83 spring shopping dress up

Description: Do you have the fashion sense to make her the center of attention?
How To Play: The game use mouse to interactive.
Description: Are you the Energizer Bunny of hotel management?
How To Play: Congrats, you've landed a job at a chic botique hotel! Keep your customers happy to keep your job—and earn a fat tip. And a word of advice: charge those batteries. Your customers will need them!
Description: Lift these lofty towers up to sky-scraping heights!
How To Play: Mouse = Move Shape
A/D = Rotate Shape

Arrange the available shapes into a stable structure that reaches the red arrow to complete a level!
Description: You're a girl searching for the Guy of her Dreams. Can you find love before time runs out?
How To Play: Use arrow keys to move.
Description: In this Wedding ceremony the graceful Chelsea Clinton With Marc Mezvinsky wants to show their love by kissing each other.And they wants to kiss before getting noticed by others, the target levelbar get increases as long as they kiss. Complete the target level bar within the given time, be alert if anybody noticed then you lose the game.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Seaside Dresses

Description: Choose from several lovely dresses and fashion accessories to dress this pretty girl so she can go walk by the water.
How To Play: Use the mouse to select colors and accessories.